Portable Pantomimes for Schools Along with our sister company Troubadour Productions, Portable Pantomimes  have many years experience in producing pantomimes for children in schools. Portable pantomimes, as the name suggests brings the pantomime to your school, thus avoiding the fraught and somewhat expensive challenge of taking your children to the local theatre. We are able to provide scenery, costumes and props, for both the actors and some of your pupils, as well as sound and lighting, if required. Please note that lighting is an addition to a product and standard projects and therefore comes at a slight extra charge. Our pantomimes, are usually chosen from traditional stories and pantomimes with which the children will be familiar, but occasionally reproduce a unique and original piece of children's drama. Portable pantomimes are a wonderful means of introducing children in schools to the wonder of theatre within the safe environment of their school hall. Each of our school pantomimes comes with either two or three actors and offers an opportunity for children to take part in the show We often involve a teacher or head teacher in a role as well to keep the children on their toes. Our school pantomimes run for between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on the title. Children will be encouraged to sing already familiar songs and may even learn one or two original songs during the show itself... as well of course as joining in with the usual pantomime responses of "He's behind you!", "Oh yes I am, ... oh no you're not!" Etc A few weeks before the show we will send a list of volunteers to play small roles in the show. All of our productions have a happy ending and many of them have some sort of moral which may be discussed in class afterwards. Above all else of course our pantomimes are a lot of fun and will help the children use up a lot of their energy at the end of term... whilst many of our shows are internally at Christmas market, we do also have shows which are available throughout the school year.
info@portablepantomimes.co.uk Telephone:  0800 848 8950