Shows Our current shows are:- The Gingerbread Man For Christmas 2016 Dick Whittington Puss in Boots
The Gingerbread Man This productions is aimed primarily at theatre and studio spaces but also suitable for schools. Everybody knows the story of the gingerbread man, or at least you thought you did. But how  gingerbread man come alive? Everybody thinks they know  the sad ending to the tale , but what if there was a twist? Our production of The Gingerbread Man incorporates music, singing and dancing and lively use of puppets, bright costumes, animal character costumes and a humorous characters to portray the exciting adventures of our famous gingerbread man. Whilst the core part of a story is identical to the classic tale, we have adapted either end of the story to offer a little more explanation of how the gingerbread man came to be and how you may have found a clever  way of surviving his ordeal but the wily fox. This show is suitable for families with children aged 4 to 8
Puss In Boots Our school pantomime this year is "Puss In Boots". This extremely popular title is adapted from the original folk tale. We offer two versions: one for KS1 and KS2 together with some current pop songs, or you can choose the variation  for KS1 and Nursery children, in which the songs are slightly different and there is nothing frightening for this young  age group. Whichever version you select, there will be a number of preselected children who will be given small parts to play e.g. the farmers in the fields, woodland animals, the Ogre’s henchmen and messengers. We sometimes get a member of staff  involved too! Telephone:  0800 848 8950