Portable Pantomimes for Theatres And Studio Spaces. The producers behind portable pantomimes have also been producers of Riverbank Productions. Riverbank Productions has established a good reputation over the last six years in theatres across the UK and Ireland with four hander shows and titles such as "The Wind in the Willows," "Pinocchio", "The Jungle Book", "Robin Hood" and "Alice in Wonderland". Portable Pantomimes are offering a scaled- down version of the same formula with brand new shows and  two or three hander productions but retaining the same high production values. In order to help promote the show's we offer high resolution images and copy for your programme on-line and a supply of flyers  and posters  available in various size well in advance of the show date. We provide a colourful backdrop and simple flats suitable and adaptable for most theatre and studio spaces, and always provide radio microphones for actors, although obviously in some smaller spaces these aren't always required . We are able to provide sound and lighting equipment for smaller studio spaces or community halls, although we do charge an extra fee for this. Our productions usually consist of an original adaptation of a classic story and can provide original music if there are PRS issues for you simply want to keep costs down. As with most theatre of this scale, our actors will be multi-roling in a number of colourful and different costumes so that the audience enjoy a much larger show, then they would anticipate with two or three actors. As much of the work we are producing is for children, we use puppets from time to time, and animal  skin costumes  to add an exciting new dynamic to our shows.
info@portablepantomimes.co.uk Telephone:  0800 848 8950